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 How to BLOCK people from following you in Buzz

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How to BLOCK people from following you in Buzz Empty
PostSubject: How to BLOCK people from following you in Buzz   How to BLOCK people from following you in Buzz Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 3:29 pm

-- Goto Buzz (in Gmail)
-- Next to your name click the "# followers" link
-- Click the person who you want to block
-- Their Buzz Profile will open.
-- Next to "Follow Name" there a "Block" link.

Some people are having 2 major problems with this

- Even after clicking block and coming back to buzz they can see the person following them. In this case:

* Click the person's name again
* This will take you back to their Buzz Profile
* Then under their name click Google Profile
* The Google Profile will open in the new page
* Click BLOCK in the right most column

If the above still doesn't happen - this is most likely the user has a Google Account but not a Gmail Account. In this case you don't have to worry about them following you as they can't access buzz without gmail anyways (for now).

- Some users / followers / people following me are not clickable

This seems to be an issue with Google Buzz (LOOK AT LATEST UPDATE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS). To report this bug like million others have (more will get this resolved earlier) goto
and voice your concerns.

Latest update:

These are all the people who don't have a Google Profile or Buzz yet, but Google has decided to Auto Add them / make them follow you

YES, Anyone on the internet can read your public Buzz's. It doesn't matter if they have a profile or even a google account

You might want to do this always

-- Just before you click "Post" choose "Private" from the drop
-- the click the "Post to a group" link
-- then select a group by checking the checkbox
-- Or create a new one for single or multiple users by clicking "Create A New Group" and adding new users to it
-- Choose the group you want to post too and then hit "Post"

Just want to get rid of Google Buzz
At the bottom of your gmail page in small print is the "turn off google buzz" link. Click this link to get rid of Google buzz.

Note: Your "Public" buzzes are still available to the public even after turning off Google Buzz. To make sure they are completely removed follow the below steps (to make your Public Google profile Private) :

-- Goto
-- Login / Click View My Profile
-- Click the "Edit Profile" link in the top right corner (near the "Sign Out" link)
-- The "About Me" tab will now open
-- There are three checkboxes in this tab (On the left of your 'profile picture')
-- Unclick /Uncheck all of them
-- Change your 'Nickname' to something weird (You don't want to change you actual name as this will even update you gmail accounts etc)
-- Scroll down
-- There is a "Profile URL" section
-- Make sure you Uncheck 'Your Profile URL is'
-- Click Save Changes
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How to BLOCK people from following you in Buzz
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