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 How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater

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How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater Empty
PostSubject: How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater   How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater Icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 3:48 pm

0. Step 0 - Make sure your original Wireless network or networks around you aren't called "dlink". Either change the name of your wireless network or the wireless network /SSID used by the DAP-1150. I have put the steps to rename the DAP-1150 wireless network at the end of this article.

1. Step 1 - Put your router into Access Point (AP) mode from the back

2. Step 2 - Hit reset. Put a pen or paper clip, hold on for 10 seconds. Let it go - Wait for 30 seconds . Please note: There will be no indication on the router (lights changing color or flickering etc) when the reset happens - so don't panic.

3. Step 3 - Put the router into the "Repeater" mode from the back of the router

4. Step 4 - Connect your DAP-1150 to your computer using a blue Ethernet cable. This cable goes into your computer and the LAN port of the router. Make sure this computer is not connected to any other wireless network or LAN or internet when doing the below configuration. The only thing your computer should connect to is the DAP-1150

5. Step 5 - Change your ip address on the LAN of your PC to the below static IP Address.

Subnet Mask:

No need for a gateway or DNS.

Click here to know how to change static ip address

6. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer please) and type in
http://dlinkap/ (Username: admin Password: aka nothing aka empty)

7. Click Launch Wireless Setup Wizard

8. It will ask you to update the username and password for the router (blah blah). Leave it blank if you want. Keep clicking next till - The page you are looking for is the one which gives you two options (radio buttons saying Auto and Manual)

9. Now select the "Manual" radio button and click Next.

10. In the page that appears click the Site Survey.

11. Click to select your network from the list and click Connect.

12. Click to select your security mode and click Next.

13. Assuming you are using WPA or WPA2, type in your network passphrase and click Next. (Note that if your wireless network is not secured or is secured with WEP then your network is vulnerable to eavesdropping and uninvited connections and use of your Internet bandwidth).

14. Click Finish and the DAP-1150 should reboot and now be extending your original wireless network.

15. Disconnect the DAP-1150 from your computer and power plug, move it to the point where you would like it to start repeating your wireless network - plug it in to the power aka switch it on. Wait for the wireless light to come up.

16. The repeater is now extending your wireless network, you can test this by taking the laptop to a point where you expect the repeater would have extended your network and connect to your network.

PS: In repeater mode the wireless network name remains the same as your original wireless network. i.e. to your computer and other computers it seems as if you are still on the same wireless network.

Renaming DAP-1150 SSID/ Network Name
- It will ask you in the above setup
- Or you can click Wireless setup from the left menu, Click Manually Configure button from the centre of the page and then update the SSID name from "dlink" to something else
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How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater Empty
PostSubject: Re: How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater   How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater Icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2010 10:14 pm

i was made this video already !!!

Now !! you can see

How to setup d-link dap 1150 repeater mode

from youtube -->

Goodluck !!
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How To - Configure the DLink DAP-1150 as a repeater
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