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 Backup Microsoft Outlook and Restore it on Outlook Express

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Backup Microsoft Outlook and Restore it on Outlook Express Empty
PostSubject: Backup Microsoft Outlook and Restore it on Outlook Express   Backup Microsoft Outlook and Restore it on Outlook Express Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2007 5:34 pm

1. Back Up All Your .pst files from Microsoft Outlook. Click Here To Learn How To Backup Microsoft Outlook Files

2.Open Control Panel

3.Double Click Mail

4. Click Add to Add A New Profile

5. Put a name and press ok, a new window will appear

6. click cancel/close on the new window

7.Then press ok

8.Your new profile name, will appear in the profile list

9.Click Properties

10. Click Data Files

11. Click Add

12. Select the type of storage (whatever microsoft outlook version you have)

13. Open the folder where you have put the back up copy of your .pst files

14. Click Ok , then again ok

15. Press Close

16. Click Email Accounts

17. Click View or change existing email accounts

18. Make sure that under deliver new email to the following location, the name of your folder is selected, press finish

19. Click Close

20. Click OK again

21. Close Microsoft Outlook, (kill the process by going to Task Manager)

21. Open Outlook Express

22. Click File > Import > Messages

23. Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook

24. Chose the new profile name you added (if it doesn't prompt you means Microsoft Outlook ain't dead)

25. Click Ok

26. Select the folders to import

27. Click Next... it will start importing

28. Click Finish...

29. Voila!!!.... The Mails and everything has been imported with attachments 2

Choose Profiles and add a new profile. There is no need to connect an existing email address to the profile.
Once you've done that, the error message should be gone.
Import the file with File -> Import -> Messages -> Exchange. Eventually Express will ask for a .pst file.
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Backup Microsoft Outlook and Restore it on Outlook Express
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