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 How To - Step by step protect a computer

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PostSubject: How To - Step by step protect a computer   Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:13 pm

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Why you should read this how to

1. Your computer has becomes slower than usual
2. You are being hit by anti virus updates
3. Your anti virus is alerting of new viruses
4. Your homepage has changed
5. You get pop ups even when you have a popup blocker
6. You get an alert that your computer is going to shut down in 1 minute , with a countdown timer , as soon as you connect to the internet
7. When you connect to the internet, everything freezes (or seems too (is too slow))

What to do ?

1. Incase you are getting that alert that your computer is going to shut down in 1 minute , with the time , as soon as you connect to the interent

Click Start > Run And put shutdown - a in the box and press enter

2. Uninstall your firewall and antivirus (if they are not updated and you have no plans to update them or even after running the antivirus your computer is showing any of the above effects)

3. Download the Free Rudebox Total Protect Package : Which includes AVG Antivirus, Sygate Firewall and Mozilla Firefox with Yahoo Toolbar. For download links
Click Here

4. The Softwares should be installed in the order of AVG Antivirus > MOzilla Firefox > Sygate Firewall > Yahoo Toolbar for firefox

5. Download AVG Antivirus, and shut down your internet

6. Restart your computer and run the setup for AVG Antivirus

7. Run the Antivirus (even if it says it wants to update itself), don't connect to the internet. some of the bugs will be found here, HEAL (remove) Them

8. After a full computer scan, connect to the internet and download mozilla firefox and sygate firewall

9. Install firefox (this will be your new internet browser for safe browsing)

10. Install sygate firewall (to block these bugs from coming) . Restart

11. Now whenever you ll connect to the internet, and if any program will try to use it, Sygate Firewall will ask you if you want it to access to the internet or not

12. Block any name you dont recognize, and only allow (press the check box, so that it doesnt ask you again) programs that you know . eg MSN Messenger, Firefox, IE , Media Player.

13. You ll get a small notification whenever something is blocked, to remove that just right click the Sygate firewall icon, on the right end of the start menu, click option and uncheck show notification ( or check hide notifications)

14. Your computer will start to act normal by now, and you must have removed all the problems you had above

15. Now install Yahoo Toolbar for firefox, and run the antispyware on it, it the yellow button

16. it may ask you to install the antispyware, install it, run it

17. remove any spyware you find

18. Now goto start> run ... enter msconfig in the box and press enter

19. Click the Start Up Tab, Click Disable All

20. Now checkbox (enable), the below Startup Items
> Your antivirus (AVG if you followed the above steps)
>Your firewall (Sygate if you followed the above steps)
> MSN Messenger (or any other messenger you use)
> Any other software, that you want to make sure starts as soon as your computer does (remember you can access these softwares anyways from the start menu or desktop shortcut, i recommend you not to enable them, till you really need them)

21. Do A Disk Clean Up from Start>Program>System Tools>Disk Clean Up or Use this excellent Utility to do it for you. Click Here To Get the CCleaner Utility

22. Run the Defragmenter Start>Program>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter .. this may take time probably a day... what i found was an alternate which does it in Ten Minutes. Click Here For Rudebox 10 Minutes Defragmenter

23. Last but not the least Update Your AntiVirus (AVG here)
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How To - Step by step protect a computer
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