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 Reduce Video Size, Maintain Quality & Host It

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PostSubject: Reduce Video Size, Maintain Quality & Host It   Tue Mar 06, 2007 6:56 am

Click Here To See Video

This Tutorial

1. How To Reduce the File Size of Big Videos Without Losing Quality
2. How to host and share Videos online using the DivX Web Player

Suppose you have a really big video file
like more than 70 mb with 10 minutes video

or one of those big avi or mpg movie files, that you would like to reduce the size of and share with friends online

Look no further there is nothing better than the DivX Video Convertor (Trial) or Dr DivX (free) and the Web Tool

The DivX Converter allows you to convert nearly any digital video into the groundbreaking DivX Media Format in one step, changing the way you play, create and share digital media.

1. Download
1.1 Dr DivX From or
1.2 DivX Converter from - You may have to buy it, if you want to use if after 15 days only



2. Select the video file you want to convert

3. Click View List, from the main window (as shown above)

4. Add the files you want to convert

5. Click Modify and Check Limit File Size too


2. Select Input File

3./4./5. Select Constrain To


6. I would recommend you to put your file size , double the no. of minutes your video is. So if your video is for 10 minutes, but the file size as 20mb for exceptionally good quality

7. Once the file is converted upload it
7.1 HOST IT YOURSELF - , , ,
7.2 Youtube or Stage6 DivX Upload for better video quality upload @


8. Next Get the Download Path of the Uploaded file ending with .divx (not youtube, but from the other websites i put in the above list)

9. To Get The Code That You will have to add to your website, blog, myspace goto and just put the Download Path of your uploaded file

10. You may like to put a link to , for people who in some cases may not have the divx codec installed

11. Advantages of putting a DivX Web Player

11.1 Faster Web Streaming
11.2 Doesnt Decrease the quality of the video file like youtube or other webhosting websites do.
11.2 Dims the window around the video, making the experience to look at the video really coooooool and comfortable for your eyes
11.3 Write Now Share Your DivX Web Player / Video Link , to get the DivX Serial No free. More Information on website :
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Reduce Video Size, Maintain Quality & Host It
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